IT Issues in Higher Education

The number one issue facing IT professionals in the realm of higher education is updating skills and roles to embrace new technologies and upcoming IT management service delivery models. According to Susan Grajek and Judith A Pirani, a recent Educase report published in June indicated that updating IT professionals’ skills, BYOD, and cloud strategy topped the list of dangers and issues in higher education IT. An interesting issue is presented as number five: integrating information tech into institutional decision-making: At many institutions, information technology is not sufficiently integrated into the senior administration leadership structure to enable the institution to fully embrace and benefit from technology’s strategic advantages. As soon as some people talk about technology, they may put it in a box, viewing information technology as only an enabling function and not recognizing its broader, pervasive nature. The ability to know when information technology is essential to strategic decision-making requires that an institution determine what it wants from technology. The costs and benefits of investing in technology resources weigh differently depending on whether technology is expected to function as merely a utility or is intended to operationalize institutional strategy and transformative change. All 10 of the listed issues point to one overall element to consider: IT in higher education is currently struggling to stay current with worldwide developments in IT. Through a mix of limited acceptance, red tape, and lacking integration, higher ed. IT struggles to maintain the best services overall.


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